What is Your "PDP" for this twenty first century? Your PDP is Your "PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN(s)." Your PDP must be a Detailed, Well-Structured, Articulated and Written Plan that will demand your loyalty and commitment. Your PDP Guide must include the following: 

 1. Building Spiritual Capacity (Moving from Just Relationship to Quality Fellowship with JEHOVAH Your God). 

 2. Inspirational And Motivational Books to Read this time around (weekly, monthly or quarterly). 

 3. Professional And Career Development Seminars, Conferences or Workshops to attend. (either Paid or Free). 

 4. Mentors and Coaches you must connect with in this time around, that will add great value to your life and work. 

 5. Relevant/Additional Skills to Develop or Sharpen to enhance your ability to SERVE people and EARN more. 

 6. Events, Places, Cities And Nations To Visit for personal relaxation, recreation and education. 

 7. Networks or Associations to join, that will serve as leverages for opportunities and connections (online or offline). 

 8. What Products or/and Services will you be creating in this time around to multiply IMPACT and increase INCOME. 

 9. Avoid unnecessary argument even on this platform. 

 10. Affect your family, Union, friends and nation positively. 

 11. Negative Relationships or Friendships to cut off (that drains personal energy). 

12. Wise and Intelligent Investments to undertake in this time around. 

13. Negative Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours to confront and conquer. 

14. Positive Habits, Attitudes and Behaviours to cultivate in this time around.  

 1. Put your kids in schools you can afford because expensive schools don't guarantee good results. Just ensure they attend a good affordable school 

 2. Rent apartments you can pay for conveniently. Don’t live in a house you struggle to pay yearly. If your 1 or 2 month salary or business profit can't pay for your accommodation, that accommodation is not for your level.  

 3. A man whose wife is pregnant has good 9 months to prepare, same as the pregnant woman in question. They should even plan for the worse and only seek help when they can’t meet up. 

 4. Some problems in our lives don’t just pop up, if you don't own a home, we knew we would pay rents...So its not an emergency. 

 5. Let’s plan our lives and live within our means. Save more and spend less and Invest wisely. Never invest in something that will make you rich overnight. No seed grows to a tree overnight and provide fruits, not even tomatoes ๐Ÿ…. 

 6. Some women buy food for their children every morning before going to school or even for the whole family, do you know it’s cheaper to cook at home? 

 7. Some people don’t earn much, but have DSTV at home, go for GOTV and upgrade when your income upgrades. It’s still the same CNN anyway! Besides, most people pay for cable subscription they don't have light or time to watch. 

 8. Eat healthy meals and protect your family from mosquitoes to avoid going to the hospital always. Sleep under mosquito treated net, saves you cost of treatment on malaria. 

 9. Take advantage of food and fruits in season, its cheaper and you can be creative to create amazing meals. Every fruit in each season is meant to help your body fight sickness or health challenges in that season. 

 10. Don’t copy your neighbor’s lifestyle, she earns well and her husband is a ‘big man’. 

 11. Don’t follow trends, wear clean well- ironed clothes and keep your hair neat. You would still look good. 

 12. Keep your circle small, keep only friends that have senses! 

 13. Above all things, have the fear of your God JEHOVAH and have integrity, don’t be lazy and be prayerful. 

 14. Planning is the key, if you fail to plan, you plan to FAIL. 

 15. Don't do more than your budget, there is no award given to best family that wore an expensive cloth for the year๐Ÿคท๐Ÿป‍♂. 

16. Don't be in competition with anyone... The purpose of shoes and clothes are to cover our nakedness, make us smart and good. 

 17. Don't make your marriage ceremony too expensive, there is life after marriage and your well wishers will only say goodbye and the reality of life will then done on you. Be wise! Let Your Plans Begin Now!!! Don't wait anymore for a better day ever, rather start now. May JEHOVAH God help us all. I WISH YOU ALL A PROSPEROUS YEARS AHEAD...๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜❗.


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